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Live Map!

Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:25 pm by xDeeKay

The server now has a live map! The map displays the map, chat, and player movement.
To view the live map simply click 'Live Map' on the navigation bar!
Hope you enjoy.


Status: ONLINE
Come play!


Status: ONLINE
Come chat!
PORT: 65473

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    DKCraft Server Information


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    DKCraft Server Information

    Post  xDeeKay on Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:07 pm

    Hello! My name is xDeeKay and I am Owner and Founder of DKCraft Minecraft Server!

    About the server:
    - DKCraft is a Minecraft SMP Server, you can survive with friends, or play as a lone wolf.
    - DKCraft is 24/7! The Server is hosted in Dallas Texas with 1.5GM Memory with 40 player slots!
    - The Server has Bukkit Plugins so theres endless possibilities!
    - The Server has ranks for you to earn!
    - The Server has an economy and Shops where you can buy and sell items
    - DKCraft has a friendly community and helpful staff!

    Owner: Owners of DKCraft manage the server.
    Administrator: These people ban and kick players that break the rules, they also manage the Forum.
    Operator: These people ban and kick players that break the rules.
    Moderator: These people can tp to other players, as well and mute players.
    Trusted: These people have proven they can be trused.
    Member: These people have signed up on the Forum.
    Guest: These people are new to DKCraft

    - Be respectful to other players
    - Use common sense
    - No griefing
    - No breaking into someones house
    - Lock all your doors/chests or lose it. use /lwc
    - No obscene structures and no excessive swearing
    - No mods that give you an unfair advantage over other people
    - Dont annoy the staff!

    Banned Items:
    -Water Buckets (ask Admin/Op to place water)
    -Lava Buckets (ask Admin/Op to place lava)
    -Flint & Steel

    Features: This Plugin allows players to lock chests, dispensers, furnaces, doors, signs, trap doors, anything else! Protections can be customized to anything you wish.
    Link to Commands:

    This plugin gives players useful commands.
    /help - This displays the help commands for essentials.
    /helpop - Requests help from online staff.
    /rules - Displays the rules.
    /me - Allows you to emote.
    /motd - Displays the motd (Message of the Day).
    /msg - This allows you to private message another player.
    /r - Quickly reply to the last player to message you.
    /whois - Displays player information.
    /spawn - Teleports you to spawn.
    /sethome - Sets your home location.
    /home - Teleports you home.
    /delhome - Removes a home.
    /back - Returns you to your last position from a prior teleport.
    /warp - Warps you to a pre-set location.
    /unstuck - Escape from being stuck inside a block.

    Coloured Signs
    Features: This plugin allows players to add coloured text to signs.
    How to use: Take a color code, for example &e and place it on a sign. Every bit of text after that will be that color code. (For example) &eWelcome to DKCraft!
    Link to Minecraft colour codes:


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    Re: DKCraft Server Information

    Post  SKZ_The_Third on Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:35 pm


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    Post  DirtyXDeedz on Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:15 pm

    hey dk,

    looking forward to starting up again, let me know when its up and running!

    --stubbalini-- afro

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    Re: DKCraft Server Information

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